Playmate of the Year 2010

Playmate of the year ceremony looked like a night club party.

Lighting at the event was enchanting and mysterious.

What would a Playboy be without his bunnies?

There were plenty of bunnies!

Bunnies gladly posed for dozens of photographers

Tired from posing, bunnies came up to the stage to watch the show.

RT correspondent doing live stand-up from the show.

Spectacular appearance of the winner of Playmate of the Year 2010.

Lina posed for photographers for a long time, it seemed she was taking it as a real photo session for the magazine.

Russian “Playboy” magazine’s editor in chief congratulating Lina.

Another gift – a diamond watch.

A super-prize for Lina.

Lina posing on her new car.

Brazilian singer Gabriella Silva.

Lately Gabriella has been to many fashionable events in Moscow.

The “non-alcoholic” bar was serving drinks mainly to the bunnies and those driving.

Bunnies and devils playing entourage

The fresh summer air was especially pleasant after the stuffy night club atmosphere.

Can you imagine how many times this beauty has been under surgeons’ knives?