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Friday, January 8, 2010

Celebrity iPhone owners

The iPhone and the iPhone 3G are undoubted the most popular smart phones
ever with record sales to prove this. If there is one thing that bridges the gap between Hollywood celebrities, politicians, the uber rich and the common folk it is the iPhone. There are a ton of celebrity iPhone sightings, and here is a compilation of some of the most popular sightings of celebrities with iPhones. Check back as we update this page!

The lovely Megan Fox and her white cased iPhone

Rapper and producer Pharrell Williams with his gold

plated iPhone

The political architect Carl Rove on his iPhone

Linsay Lohan sporting her iPhone

The material girl Madonna and her iPhone

The Charmed Alyssa Milano has an iPhone and a fancy bag

It’s no surprise Paris Hilton has an iPhone, it is a surprise that she knows how to use one.

Carrie Underwood and her matching iPhone

Jenny McCarthy rocking her iPhone

Jennifer Love Hewitt looking busy on her iPhone

Amanda Bynes showing off her iPhone and then some

Edit: Jessica Biel is an iPhone owner too!