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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Talkin’ Trash (1997 -1999)

Originated at a center for high school at risk youth, Talkin’ Trash was created by Hinger with more than 100 student apprentices over a two year period. The students had a profound effect on the series not only naming it , but creating works that express the world as it is seen and lived by them. “The kids immediately got that the art was about the real world. It didn’t take long before they were assembling, texturing and painting. They were able to experience how a vision can come to fruition with creativity, planning, focus and teamwork.

Many familiar with homelessness, hunger and rejection and regarded as social castaways themselves, the students were able to take discarded items and create something of meaning and belonging. In undulating textures and vibrant colors of the environmentally conscious works like ‘All in the Dumpster’, ‘Waste Deep’, ‘Kacti Katie’ and ‘FiveJiveAlive’ ( Above), you are pulled into a feeling of whimsical discomfort. Humor and irony resonate as you are reminded of how our throwaway habits continue to thrive on many levels regardless of our common social and environmental concerns.
“Talkin’ Trash was a concept the kids could really relate to. It can be a scary world as it is, but imagine being a teenager living on the streets among modern freaks, deviants and predators.”"Ive always wanted to reach people from all parts of our society and hope that the work hits close to home with a variety of audiences who are able to draw something meaningful from my work.”
Teen Quest - San Diego, CA. ‘Talkin Trash’ studio.
All in the Dumpster 1999

“Chill Box” - 1997 - 70″ x 34″ x 40″

Close up of “All in the Dumpster 1999

‘Talkin Trash’ installation.